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The Vienna-based independent label Laub Records was founded in autumn 2010 by the musicians Martin Eberle, Lukas Kranzelbinder, Manu Mayr, Benny Omerzell and Lukas Koenig. In 2012 Andreas Harrer (aka Antiehdas) joined the label.

Embedded in a young, innovative and creative improvised music scene, the artists of Laub Records have created a platform for their own, genre-transcending music and ideas.

The members of Laub Records proudly present their projects:

Kompost 3 – Kompost 3 (2010)

Lukas im Dorf – Very Live! (2010)

Schiftner | Schellander | König (2011)

Rekompost (2011)

Kompost 3 – Epigenesis (2012)

Mario Rom’s Interzone – Nothing is true (2012)

Anthiedas – Refilet (2013)

Muchogusto – Una Ópera tragi-erótico (2013)