Lukas Kranzelbinder

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.                   SHAKE STEW                                 MARIO ROM’S INTERZONE                              DER JEMANN                                   EXPRESSWAY SKETCHES
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.                MUCHOGUSTO                              PROJEKT ALMRAUSCH[EN]                              LIEDERABENDE                                       KEOS – QUINTETT
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    POLYAMORY SOUND FESTIVAL                         LUKAS IM DORF                                             UPDOG                                                     VEGETA
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Lukas Kranzelbinder, born in Klagenfurt in 1988, is a bassist living in Vienna.
He studied in Vienna and Linz – with Peter Herbert at the ABPU – and attended several workshops with musicians such as Mark Dresser, Mark Feldman, Ellery Eskelin, George Garzone, Andy McKee, Charlie Haden, Drew Gress, Andy Milne, Ralph Alessi, Ravi Coltrane, Eddie Gomez, Avishai Cohen, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Huw Warren und Jim Black.

Despite his tender years, Kranzelbinder has already established himself as one of the most active and versatile bassists of the young Austrian music scene. His main band in recent years has been the trio MARIO ROM’S INTERZONE, which gathered an impressive amount of attention by the international press and released 2 critically acclaimed albums. Kranzelbinder is part of the young Viennese Record Label LAUB RECORDS, and released his first album, very live!, with the quartet LUKAS IM DORF in 2010. In July 2012, Kranzelbinder’s first Opera MUCHOGUSTO was premiered at the Carinthian Summer Festival in Austria. This spanish surf-opera was also released as a CD on Laub Records and performed at the Volkstheater Vienna in early May 2013. He is part of the surf-jazz band EXPRESSWAY SKETCHES, which combines 60s surf rock music with free jazz. Additionally, Kranzelbinder created the POLYAMORY SOUND FESTIVAL, which was taking place in various European cities (London, Berlin, Cologne, Vienna), and aims at gathering musicians from diverse music scenes.  Since summer 2011, he is part of the “New Austrian Sound of Music“ Program, for which he was selected to represent Austrian in the international Jazz scene. In 2015 he premiered his second big music-theatre work DER JEMANN together with german director Georg Schütky and actor Christian Reiner. Since 2008 he is also organizing PROJEKT ALMRAUSCH(EN), a series of concerts on top of different mountains in Carinthia, where the audience is hiking together with the musicians. In 2016 he created a new project for the opening concerts of both, the Südtirol Jazz Festival as well as Glatt & Verkehrt, by combining his KEOS QUINTET with 3 singers from Napoli, Italy and arranging a mixture of viennese, slovenian and italian folk music.

In August 2016 he was invited to play the opening concert of the Saalfelden Jazz Festival. For this reason he created his new band SHAKE STEW.

His activities to date have brought him to Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Cuba, Israel, Morocco, USA, Azerbaijan, China, Argentina, Qatar, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, France, Norway, Portugal, Spain, the UK and Switzerland.

In addition, he has had the pleasure of performing with musicians such as Wolfgang Schiftner, Maja Osojnik, Herbert Pirker, Mario Rom, Die Strottern, Angela Mario Reisinger, Willi Resetarits, Dave Smith, Kenji Herbert, Franz Hautzinger, Martin Zrost, Christian Muthspiel, Andi Schreiber, Lukas König, Kollegium Kalskburg, Andy Manndorff, Karl Ritter, Phil Yaeger, Matthias Koch, Paul Gulda, Agnes Heginger, Lorenz Raab, José Valente, and many others.



“Musikalische Energie bis weit über’s Limit” – Interview zum Südtirol Jazz Festival
“Alles muss erlaubt sein” – Interview MICA
“Tu was du willst, und kling gut dabei” – Article on Mario Rom’s INTERZONE in “Der Standard”
“Damals in Tanger” – CD-Feature on Mario Rom’s INTERZONE in “Die Zeit”
Article on Muchogusto in “Der Standard”


„[…] Lukas Kranzelbinder is one of the (and this by no means as a matter of chance) most promising Jazz musicians of Austria.“

(Irina Lino, Neue Kronen Zeitung, July 2012)

„The liberation of jazz through unbridled passion!“
(M. Cerha, KTZ, July 2012) about Muchogusto

“I have yet to hear a group of musicians – anywhere – with a more serious sense of play.”
(Rochester Jazz Festival, 2015) about Mario Rom’s INTERZONE

“Lukas Kranzelbinder is a reliable timekeeper. He creates huge rooms, gives the trio a harmonic grounding and has an astonishing communication with drummer Herbert Pirker!”
(Süddeutsche Zeitung 2016) about Mario Rom’s INTERZONE

“Lukas Kranzelbinder is not only a terrific bassist and in his young age (born 1988!) already one of the most demanded Austrian Sidemen, but he is also an utmost social person that has created a remarkable international network.”
(Inst.Dir.Univ.Prof. Christoph Cech, November 2010)

“What is so remarkable about Lukas Kranzelbinder―besides his playful virtuosity―is  his remarkably thorough understanding for most diverse genres. Thus, one can find stylistic influences in his music that go far beyond the genre of Jazz. Playing live, most particularly, he illustrates his talent as an artist of great improvisation, and casually achieves to connect his immense energy with a great degree of musical playfulness.”
(MICA, May 2009)