Manu Mayr

2019 Selection :)

JazzFestival Saalfelden 2019
Opening Set Comission – DUO with Susanna Gartmayer – more infos coming soon

5 K  H D
about to finish producing our 2nd Album together with Maximilian Walch, Release Tour in October 2019

G a b b e h
currently performing at Ganymed (Kunst Historisches Museum – Wien) and some nice clubs and festivals

K o m p o s t  3
releases Abyss & Aloft on doublevinyl (JazzWerkstatt Wien), already working on our big 10year special(s) for 2020

s c h t u m
releases “FEED” on vinyl in June. 2019 seems like our breakthrough year, playing quite a lot of very interesting festivals all year long

S y n e s t h e t i c  4
also has a record coming up in fall, brewing regularly at rhiz, occasionally performing all across europe

JOV plays the music of Vincent Pongracz feat. Renee Benson
yet another ensemble playing music of Vincent Pongracz which i’m lucky enough to perform with